Vincent Gallo

  • Born: April 11, 1961 in Buffalo, NY
  • Notable Works:
    • Arizona Dream (1992)
    • Palookaville (1995)
    • Buffalo ’66 (1998)
  • Personal Favorite: The Funeral (1996)

The character of Paul Leger in Arizona Dream is one of my favorite movie characters of all time. Gallo joins Johnny Depp, Jerry Lewis, Faye Dunaway, and Lili Taylor in one of the most eclectic casts you’ll ever see. Paul Leger (a surname apparently French for “born to act”) is a pretentious, smooth-talking, aspiring actor with a deep love/hate relationship with North by Northwest. He recreates the famous Hitchcock crop duster scene multiple times in the movie and I’m just a sucker for it. Gallo had moderate success as an actor, director, model, musician and a painter. In addition to his more mainstream films, including a small part in Goodfellas, he also wrote, directed, scored, and starred in Buffalo ’66 and wrote, directed, produced, starred, and photographed The Brown Bunny. He also played himself uncredited in 2012’s 2 Days in New York, Julie Delpy’s sequel to her 2 Days in Paris.


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